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Is Your Website..... Ugly?

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Ugly Website

You've worked hard to grow your business. You've put in the time and effort to create your brand. You've taken steps to market your business online by creating a website to send consumers to. You dedicate time and resources to drive traffic through paid marketing channels. Now you are 6 months in to your marketing plan but your marketing investment just doesn't bring new customers to your business.

I get it. I really do - investing in search and social marketing can seem pretty futile if your visitors don't convert into paying customers. Before you throw in the towel, give up on the dream of inbound lead generation, and resign yourself to a lifetime of cold outreach, consider this: Your problem may not be in the advertising or promotion of your business website.

You may have an 'ugly' website.

Most people will not tell you that your website is ugly, so how could you possibly know if your website is the problem? Luckily, the symptoms of a bad website are pretty easy to spot when you know what you are looking for within your analytics platform.

Symptom 1 - Your bounce rate is stubbornly high across most of your website.

Simply put, visitors will not stay on a website that is slow to load. Bounce rates higher than 75% are a strong indicator that your website is the problem.

Symptom 2 - You see solid paid traffic but the time on page is very low.

Most people decide within the first 8 seconds on a website if they will stick around on a site, so if your average time on page is less than 30 seconds, it may be time to examine your site design.

Symptom 3 - You have many pages but no one explores your site.

You know how important it is for your storefront to look presentable. It is the first impression any consumer will get of your store and will determine if the visitors look around to see if you have what they need. The same logic applies to your website. If your website is hard to navigate and understand it will have the same impact on customers as a disorganized, dirty store with poor customer service.

Don't let an ugly website chase away your customers. Contact FairBloom Marketing today for your free Digital Analysis - we can help you identify and fix the problems with your website.

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