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Why You Need A Brand Persona For Better Business Results

By: Casey O'Loughlin

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Adopting a brand persona and using it across all channels helps customers feel more confident when purchasing from you

When you think about your brand, what comes to mind? Your logo, colors, and tagline? Do you think about your mission statement and dedication to what you do? Or perhaps your brand has taken on a personality of its own, and you think of the qualities and characteristics which influence it.

All of these are examples of a larger concept, known as the brand persona. Similar to buyer or audience personas, the brand persona is a combination of the ideas, qualities, and traits which make your business unique. Ideally, your brand persona should be an amalgamation of all the things that draw your target audience in.

If you haven’t thought much about a brand persona, here are a few reasons you should consider forming one:

The Internet Is Like The Wild West

It’s a big internet out there. Brand recognition is the name of the game--but how exactly does one achieve that? Believe it or not, creating a strong and consistent brand personality--much like establishing yourself as the toughest sheriff in town--can help you make your mark in your industry. As you are likely well aware, most consumers begin their buyer’s journey online, so it becomes that much more important to establish your claim to fame and gain a better chance to be top of mind.

You Want To Attract The Right Crowd

Bringing in the right customers is much more than using the right keywords in the right places. Although this is a vital step, it won’t do you much good if you can’t differentiate yourself in a unique, relatable way. By crafting the right brand persona, you can introduce yourself to your customers and potential customers as whatever set of qualities you think will inspire their trust. Whether you’re fun, professional, glamorous, or bold, you can make this clear with the right brand elements.

You’ll Know How To Present Yourself In Any Channel

There are so many avenues for marketing these days. You have online ads, social media, print, influencer marketing, video, content, and more, which all have different best practices for implementation. What should be consistent, however, is your voice. Your brand persona is the voice that speaks to your customers, regardless of the channel they’re in. Omnichannel marketing is the key to keeping your customers engaged, so make sure your brand is recognizable no matter the format.

Your Brand Persona Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Your brand persona is a way to relate to your customers, but it also says a lot about you, your mission, and your business values. Think of it the way you would analyze the personality of another person. What are their actions motivated by? How can someone interact with them? What results can you expect from them? When you think about this in terms of your brand, the answers to these questions should align with your goals for your company. If this isn’t the case, you should consider doing some brand soul-searching.

Have these reasons convinced you? If you want to learn more about the ways you can create a brand persona that bring in business, contact FairBloom Marketing today!

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